Twitter Marketing For Authors: Week 3 of Adding Followers

Update: TweetAdder made a major change with the following and unfollowing of users to comply with Twitter’s Terms of Service.  It’s still a great tool and will save a ton of time building your twitter audience.  Click here for some additional information about the update.  Also, check out my final post for April: How I got 2000 Twitter Followers in 30 days.

Week 3 Update

It’s true!  I’m still using only one marketing technique and intentionally showing how it’s working and giving you direct results.

In week 1, I manually did the following and unfollowing (see the post here).  For the last two weeks, I’ve let automation (using the TweetAdder tool) do this for me, saving me about 7 1/2 hours of time.

I’m not quite at 2000 yet, but I will be well within my ONE month goal of 2000 twitter follows.  Here are my statistics for April 7th to April 21:

  • Time spent following/unfollowing users: 30 minutes total – using TweetAdder automation.
  • Time spent Tweeting/interacting: 1.5 hours per week (approx. 15 minutes per day)
  • 1073 additional Twitter Followers (1820 Total Followers)
  • 227 unique visitors to my site (from Twitter Referral) <–Note: this is from Google Analytics!
    • average: 2.39 pages / visit (looking more than one blog post)
    • Average Visit Duration 3:14 (actually reading the posts!)
  • 30 additional Newsletter signups in past 2 weeks from Twitter referrals!

Again, the focus is getting REAL followers.  robots and fake accounts won’t buy any books.

You may notice that my follow rate has slowed over the past couple of days – I’m still adding followers, but just slowly. I’ve found that going from 1800 to 2500 to be the slowest growth period due to the Twitter limits (after 2000 you can only follow 10% over the total number of followers).  I have 1820 followers, so I can only follow a maximum of   1820 plus 182 for a total of 2002 followers.  Since I can’t get my name in front of as many potential readers, I’m not getting as many follow backs.

Don’t let this get you down!  It will actually go pretty quick (using automation, I should add about 1000 per month)…think about in 3 months having 5000 followers, then I can follow up to 5500 potential readers.  The thing is, the more followers/the bigger the account, the easier it is to grow the account.  Stick with real people though!

As always, I hope this post is helpful!

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