Twitter Marketing for Authors: Frequently Asked Questions

Update: TweetAdder made a major change with the following and unfollowing of users to comply with Twitter’s Terms of Service.  It’s still a great tool and will save a ton of time building your twitter audience.  Click here for some additional information about the update.  Also, check out my final post for April: How I got 2000 Twitter Followers in 30 days.

Still have a few questions?  Here are a few I’ve received and compiled into an Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here.

Why don’t you auto-follow back?

I don’t like spam…and FIRMLY believe spam accounts are a bad thing for Twitter. Accounts are just looking for a follow back won’t buy a single book… See more in this post.

Why only follow and un-follow 150 to 200 a day?

We’re not spammers and we don’t want our accounts banned, so play by the rules! Twitter sees spammers add thousands of people!

I have people that I want to follow but they won’t follow me back….but they keep getting unfollowed using TweetAdder. Can I still follow them using TweetAdder?

Yep!  I have several publishers, editors, and even a few celebrities that will probably never follow me back.  So….use the “Whitelist” setting in TweetAdder and add the accounts you want to keep following.  You will need to do this one account at a time, but it goes pretty quick.

What is True Twit validation?  I’ve gotten a few direct message (DM) requests.

TrueTwit is a validation program intended to stop spammers….It’s a good thing! Click on the link (in the Truetwit DM) and it will have you answer a question to validate that you’re a real person.  Alternately, you can sign up for a true twit account.

I’m getting a ton of DM spam, any way to get rid of this?

Yes! you can opt out of much of the DM spam just by opting out of SocialOomph.  It won’t get rid of all of it, but quite a bit!

1)  Follow @OptMeOut.
2)  Wait for @OptMeOut to follow you back. @OptMeOut will send you a DM to tell you it has followed you.
3)  Then send a DM to @OptMeOut. (You can write whatever you want in the DM, it does not matter.)
4)  After sending the DM, unfollow @OptMeOut



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