Twitter Marketing For Authors: 1 Week of Adding Followers

Update: TweetAdder made a major change with the following and unfollowing of users to comply with Twitter’s Terms of Service.  It’s still a great tool and will save a ton of time building your twitter audience.  Click here for some additional information about the update.  Also, check out my final post for April: How I got 2000 Twitter Followers in 30 days.

Last week I started using one marketing technique: Twitter Marketing.  I detailed the steps I was taking in this post (the main steps are around minute 1:30 in the video).

On April 1st, I started with 87 followers. As of midnight, April 7th here are my results:

  • Time spent: 30 to 45 minutes a day for 7 days – total of 4 hours for the week. NO automation was used.
  • 660 additional Twitter Followers (747 Total)
  • 110 unique visitors to my site (from Twitter Referral) <–Note: this is from Google Analytics!
    • average: 2.4 pages / visit (looking more than one blog post)
    • Average Visit Duration 2:51 (actually reading the posts!)
  • 12 new Newsletter signups

In one week with less than 4 hours of work, I built a decent number of new TARGETED followers (all authors and potential readers for me) using ONLY Twitter…Imagine the amplification when I use other methods with Facebook, Google+ and other mechanisms.

This is a great lesson in building your audience as an author. Each step you take helps you drive traffic to your site and build your audience over time.  Think about maintaining this pace over the course of a year…Do you think a Twitter following of 30,000 and 5000 additional unique visitors will help you sell a few extra books?  YES! they absolutely will!!!!

Now, you’ll note that I spent this week doing it manually – without automation.  I wanted to show that it can be done for FREE…it just takes a bit of time and effort each day.

A tool to make it easier to follow and unfollow potential readers

I’ll show how I use this tool in posts later this week.

That being said, this next week (week 2) I will be using a tool to follow and unfollow potential readers.  I don’t usually have an extra 4 hours and using a tool like TweetAdder will safely drop the time commitment to  about 20 minutes a week (potentially less!).  It’s $55, but well worth the time savings over the course of a year.  This week I’ll show how I’m using this tool, all the tweaks I make, and how I put it to work for me to automate this aspect of marketing.

I still do the tweeting myself, but I can use the tool to find people that are legitimately interested in my work…

UPDATE: Here is my post on how I use Tweet Adder.



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