Twitter Marketing for Authors: Getting More Twitter Followers

I just posted part 1 of my tutorial on using getting more followers for your twitter account.

It’s simple!  You have to let potential fans know you exist.  you do this by… following them first! I show how to go about finding potential fans and following them.  A large number of people will follow you back, especially if they are interested in what you have to say and wat kind of books you write.

Twitter for Authors

In the video, I mention “Twitter Limits” as the reason you need to periodically unfollow people that are not following you back.  Twitter caps your ability to follow more than 2000 people OR a ratio of 10% more than the number of people that are following you back (whichever is greater).   For example:

  • If 1900 people follow you, you can have 1900 + 10% (190) for a total of 2090 people you can follow.
  • If 2000 people follow you, you can have 2000 + 10% (200) for a total of 2200 people you can follow.
  • If 5000 people follow you, you can have 5000 + 10% (500) for a total of 5500 people you can follow.

In part 2, I’ll talk more about twitter limits (and why you’ll need to unfollow some of the people that are not following you back), twitter tools that will make things easier, and some tweeting tips to encourage interactivity (which will make followers more likely to fan you on facebook, visit you blog, and ultimately more likely to buy your book.

*******UPDATE: I’ve posted my week 1 results!  Check them out here *************

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