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As many of you know, It’s been a busy couple of months since I started putting together this site.  I’ve been helping with book releases, redesigning author sites, setting up launch contests, and writing a book marketing guide (free when you sign up for the newsletter).  I think it’s getting close to an official launch.  Since so much will be changing in the next couple months, I wanted to share my plan for the site – which I will document as we go along and hope will help you learn/see first hand some marketing techniques.

I would normally suggest using several marketing methods at once, but I want to show you real results and the actual steps I’m taking for a particular technique.  I’m a bit nervous that “all the techniques at once” will be information overload for most people – so we’ll approach them one at a time.  For now, the plan will be to approach each item below every one to two weeks.

1. The official site launch. Press release,  marketing announcements, and getting traffic (even before listed in the search engines)

2. Twitter.  I’ll show how to find real fans and grow an audience on Twitter. Since I haven’t launched yet, I have less than 100 followers.  I won’t start marketing on Twitter until April 1…  and should have at least 2000 followers by the end of the month.  You’ll see how I do this, automate it, interact, everything and see how you can start building fans quickly.

3. Facebook. There are many techniques for Facebook  – we’ll focus on the setup, interaction, and steps to get Facebook likes on your fan page.

4. Google+.   Currently the #2 most used social network.  We’ll dig into circles, making connections, and using it to drive traffic to your author site.

5. Article Marketing and Syndication. If you write great posts – why not let others market them for you?  An easy way to get some great targeted traffic. 

And of course there is much more…but this a good start to get through next month+.  I’ll also continue to give regular updates so you can see the actual improvements I’ve made each week and how much time spent on each.

I’ll be completely honest – each of these will directly apply to your author/book sites.  My hope is that you’ll see how I use techniques, and implement them to increase your fan base and sell more books!


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