Four Secrets to Getting the Most Out of Your Facebook Fan Page

My apologies for those of you that have been waiting for this, but I’m about to unleash the dogs of war.

The strategies are sooo simple.  Remember what we I did in the Twitter Post (How I got 2000 Twitter Followers in 30 days)?  That’s right.  With my Twitter strategy, I made friends with people online by reaching out to them.   That’s the same thing we do with Facebook!!!

Their is a lot to this topic, so I need to split it into two posts.  Here in part 1 – the focus is all the cool stuff we can do as our Facebook Fan page.

Step 1: Commenting and interacting as your Fan Page –

Facebook lets you “use” Facebook as your Fan Page.  For example, My fan page is “Killer Book Marketing” – I can use the small gear icon in the top corner to switch from using Facebook as myself to using it as “Killer Book Marketing” – See what I do in the video below:

Unfortunately, I can’t do everything as my page.  When using Facebook as a page, you can like other pages, comment on posts, but you CAN NOT join groups or friend others

Step 2: Find and like some active pages

Once you’ve switched to your Fan Page, start finding and liking reader fan pages.  You’re looking for pages where potential readers may be.  Be creative here and keep looking at various potential sources.  You’re looking for “Active” pages – not necessarily the pages with the most “likes” but the pages with the most people “talking about this.”      For example, look at this screen shot:

Writer's Circle

The better pages have good “talking about this” numbers – meaning potential fans are engaged and reading the posts on the site.


Step 3 Watch your page’s news feed and comment on it

After you’ve switched to your Fan page, you can look at your page’s news feed.  It will show the status messages of all the pages you’ve liked.  Start making good comments on these posts!  Then their audience will see the responses from your page.  A well written comment as the first response to a post on a busy page could bring you 100 new fans!

Don’t expect to get that many all the time – if your comment/response to a post is in the middle of the comments – VERY FEW people will see it.  Just do your best to write good, thoughtful comments – that do not promote your book.  That’s right

Step 4: Keep good, interesting status updates on your Facebook page.

Remember my post on Facebook Edgerank?  You will want to post images, links, and normal status messages onto your page regularly.  Try to have one of each EVERY day and it will help you build and grow your audience.


This is a good start to getting the most out of your Facebook Page.  In the next part, we’ll talk about using your regular page to get additional traffic to your Facebook page and drive even more likes 🙂



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