The First Rule of Author Marketing Club…

It’s taking a lot longer than anticipated to get my Google+ training together – so I’m going to post this a few days early 🙂

I feel like I should say The First Rule of Author Marketing Club is…. to TALK about Author Marketing Club.  This is a pretty amazing service that has a lot of features to help you market your book – so you should check it out!

With a free membership, they have 40+ hours of marketing training, author community, and a free book submission tool.  The Premium service has tools for writing better Amazon descriptions, connecting with Amazon reviewers to get more reviews for your book, and much more! I’m going to do a much more thorough walk through of the site (and an honest experience of what we think when we use the tool for Jess’s next release).

In the meantime, here is I did I video interview with Jim Kukral – owner of Author Marketing Club. with some EXCLUSIVE news: Jim is launching a new tool for Premium subscribers: A website widget that shows an author’s books that can easily be created and added to your website – complete with the ability to add your Amazon affiliate ID 🙂

If you are viewing on a mobile phone or other device, the video is available on Youtube here:

If you’re self published or have input on your Amazon descriptions, they also have a free ebook on improving your descriptions to sell more books – available here and worth a read.




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