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What is the Passionate Pen?

The Passionate Pen: A place for Romance Authors

The Passionate Pen: A place for Romance Authors

The Passionate Pen is still alive and well!!!!

Back in 1999, Jess Michaels (while writing as Jenna Petersen) started The Passionate Pen as a resource to share information for romance authors. It had one simple goal: “If you’ve written a romance novel, or if you’re interested in writing one in the future, this is the place for you!” 

Jesse’s books are written under the Passionate Pen as a publisher, but we also try to maintain resources for romance authors.

A few years ago, Jesse’s writing schedule got a bit too busy (only 4 – 6 books a year under 3 different pen names 🙂 ) and she was unable to maintain this as a resource.  It hasn’t been updated in some time, but I’m going to do my best.  PS – if you’re a romance author that would like to assist in maintaining these pages, please let me know.

Here you will find:

  • Articles from Jess on a variety of writing-related topics


Oh, and it you’re here looking for Jess, check out her website:

Author Jess Michaels

The Jess Michaels Website

if you’re looking for her Jenna Petersen books, they are available here: