The Passionate Pen: a Place for Romance Authors

The Passionate Pen: A place for Romance Authors

The Passionate Pen: A place for Romance Authors

15+ years ago, my wife (Author Jess Michaels) started her career as a writer.  It wasn’t easy and there was no real option to self publish (outside of the vanity presses).

There was still this new fangled thing called – THE INTERNET.  She found that it was very difficult to find some very basic things like information on finding an agent and even getting a list of the romance publishers.

So, she started the Passionate Pen.  The site’s goal was simple: “If you’ve written a romance novel, or if you’re interested in writing one in the future, this is the place for you!” 

Jess and I are going to carve out a piece of this site and continue to build on the Passionate Pen.  It’ll be a place for romance authors and we’ll both continue to add resources and information for romance writers!


So here it is: The Passionate Pen – a place for romance authors:

The list of Romance Publishers and Agents:

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