Using Pagemodo to Create a Cover Image for Facebook


Want to create an amazing cover image in minutes?

In Monday’s post, I showed how to use XHeader (a free) tool to create a cover image for Facebook.  It’s  a great tool that I use for header graphics and banners when I need something right away….but the fact is that I’m not a graphic designer and sometimes my images need a lot of work and revision to look decent.

Instead of spending lots of time tweaking images, I’ve found Pagemodo to be a much better use of my time.  It gives me a much more professional cover image in a lot less time. Also if you’re graphic design challenged, you’ll be amazed at what you can create in no time.

Video of how to create a Facebook cover image using Pagemodo:

Types of Accounts for Authors

  • Free Account – nothing wrong with getting a free account to try it out.  With a free account, they put small text in the bottom right corner that says “Pagemodo cover image creator” Also, they let you have 1 custom tab, and you can schedule 1 post to Facebook and Twitter each day (we’ll talk about these in subsequent posts).
  • Basic account – Starting at $6.25 a month, you get rid of the Pagemodo text in the corner (which makes your page look even more professional). 3 tabs per page, and unlimited posts.
  • Pro Account – What I use because I have fan pages for KillerBookMarketing, Author Jess Michaels, and Author Jesse Petersen – but the real benefit is the “Like Gate” functionality I’ll be showing off in the next week or two.

Pretty cool, huh? 🙂  Let me know if you have any questions.  Please comment below if you found this useful!.


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  1. So is it still better to use the free version of Pagemodo with their logo showing rather than taking the time to create my own banner out of my book cover?

    • Hi Tara, How are you?

      The Facebook page just needs to have a nice cover 🙂 If you’re good with graphics, fell free to make your own version for your page (or get one from a designer). I like pagemodo because you can make a pretty cool, professional looking cover quickly.

      Did you see the video I made about XHeader? It’s a free tool that I sometimes use for graphics.

      In preparing your Facebook page, it’s just about getting it nice and ready for when people come to the page. The bigger value of Pagemodo (for me) is creating a welcome tab/ like gate –

      Hope this helps!

      Michael P.

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