Killer Book Marketing’s 30 Days of Twitter

I have to admit I’m pretty excited about today’s post.

Normally, I would have been using Twitter, Google, Facebook, and other promotion techniques to be promoting the site:…but I’ve waited because I want you to see what I’ve been doing.  So far, I’ve done the bare minimum on Twitter with just a handful of tweets and followed a few industry/publisher accounts.  Here is what the current statistics (as of April 1, 2013) look like:

KillerBook Marketing's Twitter



Of course, this is what I want to highlight:


Number of Followers on April 1, 2013


I have 87 Followers.  I want to add over 2000 in the next 30 days!!!

Can I do it?

PS- on Wednesday April, 3rd (my b-day BTW), I will be posting my technique for doing this.  Follow what I do and add some real followers to your twitter account!

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