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Hootsuite – the tool I use to schedule posts

If you’re like me 🙂 your time always feels like it’s at a premium!  I know you’re busy working your day job (congrats if you’re able to opt out of this one!), writing books, managing family-time demands, and now trying to keep up with “marketing activities” to sell more books.

Spending even an hour a day on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ can be overwhelming.  So how do you manage it all?  How do you stay in touch with your followers when you’re swamped or have other work?

There are many ways to make things easier for yourself.  I made a video of how I use Hootsuite to post to Facebook, Google+, Twitter… and use the tool to schedule posts / tweets ahead of time.  Check out my video below:



It’s not a good idea to schedule everything but if you have good/valuable information to share, by all means schedule it!  Don’t be a spammer (all links) and don’t schedule every post, but it’s ok to relieve some of the posting burden by scheduling posts such as:

  • holiday/birthday greetings
  • your latest blog post
  • Funny/Interesting articles/videos
  • links to your book/buy page (NO MORE than once every couple weeks…unless it’s the week of the book release.)
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