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Hootsuite – the tool I use to schedule posts

If you’re like me ūüôā your time always feels like it’s at a premium!¬† I know you’re busy working your day job (congrats if you’re able to opt out of this one!), writing books,¬†managing family-time demands, and now trying to keep up with “marketing activities” to sell more books.

Spending even an hour a day on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ can be overwhelming.¬† So how do you manage it all?¬† How do you stay in touch with your followers when you’re swamped or have other work?

There are many ways to make things easier for yourself.¬†¬†I made a video of how I use Hootsuite to post to Facebook, Google+, Twitter… and use the tool to schedule posts / tweets ahead of time.¬† Check out my video below:



It’s not a good idea to schedule everything but if you have good/valuable information to share, by all means schedule it!¬† Don’t be a spammer (all links)¬†and don’t schedule every post, but it’s ok to relieve some of the posting burden by scheduling posts such as:

  • holiday/birthday greetings
  • your latest blog post
  • Funny/Interesting articles/videos
  • links to your book/buy page (NO MORE than once every couple weeks…unless it’s the week of the¬†book release.)
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