Happy New Year!

Hello Authors!

Happy New Year!Hope that everyone had a great holiday break!  I know many of you are looking at your writing goals and plans for 2014 – and I’m doing the same 🙂  Three big updates I wanted to share:

  1. We’re working on the “big year” for Jess in 2014.  Not sure what a big year is?  Check out this article when you have a minute.  I’ll be devoting a good amount of time to working with her and helping.  Of course, I’m happy to share how it goes and include articles on our marketing techniques along the way!
  2. The free marketing guide – It’s long overdue for a revision.  I’ve got a good amount of information to add – I will be making a major update over the next few months to the free guide.  If you’ve signed up for my mailing list to get the current version of the guide, I’ll send an update when the update is ready and a link to download it.  I’m aiming for February for the revision.
  3. Consulting – I gotten a lot of requests to help authors get to the next level with their marketing.  I probably won’t be able to accept everyone, but for a nominal fee, I’m going to start doing platform consults and maybe even a few website updates.

So with that – more great stuff to come in 2014!  If you haven’t already, take a look at the book bundles for authors posts that I’m working on!

Happy New Year!


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