3 Google+ Post Formatting Tricks to Make Your Post Visible

There is no limit to the length of a post/status update in Google+!  If you haven’t already, you  may see a few Plussers (people that use Google+) that post long, blog-like posts directly into their feed for Google+.

Whether you make a small update about your book or a full blog post, here are a few tricks to make sure readers see your posts!

1. Text Formatting

I think this is really cool – you can use bold, italics or strikethrough on any update. Here’s how:

  • Use the asterisk (*) around text to make it bold.  For example:*This text is bold* will display as This text is bold
  • Use the underscore ( _ ) for Italics.  For example:_This text is in italics_ will display as This text is in italics
  • Use the minus sign (-) to make the text use strikethrough.  For example:-This text uses strikethrough- will display as This text uses strikethrough
  • You can combine bold (*), italics (_), and strikethrough (-).  Just make sure that you use the combine symbols you want around the text.  For example, if I wanted bold and italics, I would do this:*_Bold and Italics_* displays as Bold and Italics
  • You can also make bullets!  Use ALT + 8 (Hold down the ALT key and press the number 8) to insert a bullet.
  • Just like Twitter/Facebook, you can mention other users with the @ symbol.  You can also use the plus sign (+) to mention other users!


google Hashtags

Google puts the first 3 hashtags in the top right corner. Notice the First one mentioned in your post displays automatically.

2.  Use Hashtags

Just like Facebook and Twitter, Hashtags will help your post get found if someone is looking for a topic.  For “search” purposes, Google will give the most weight to the first 3 tags you use.  It will also put these three tags in the top corner for use (see the image on the right).

As a user, clicking on a hashtag will give you a search for other posts on that topic – very useful for news 🙂

I’ll admit I’m one of the worst at using hashtags in Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  However, I know it’s the best practice to try to use at least 3 in each post…Every time I don’t include hashtags, I know that I’m missing an opportunity.  So… don’t be like me.  Follow the best practice and try to include at least 3 hashtags in each post you’d like a broader audience to see.

BTW, if you forget to add a hashtag, Google + will actually “guess” and add the hashtag themselves (it will be blue in color if Google+ does this)

3. Add Pictures or Video

No rocket science here!  People are more likely to look at things that are visually appealing.  Pictures and videos are more often read, shared and commented on.  If you want your post to be seen, be sure to include a picture or video.

Don’t make this mistake! I recently saw a post about someone’s book release…I almost missed it altogether because it was just a status update.  Don’t make this mistake!  You have a cool cover image – show it off!  More people will see it with the inclusion of a simple picture 🙂


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