Facebook Marketing Part 2: Getting the Most out of your Personal Profile Page

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You’re learning a pretty awesome Facebook technique here that will take your fan page and likes to the next level.

Ready to take your Facebook marketing to the next level?  Last week, I showed some big secrets around using your Facebook page to it’s full potential.

However, there are a few more ways to get more likes on your fan page.   It may sound a little counter intuitive, but interacting with people on your personal page can lead to a TON of likes on your fan page.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Use either your Author photo or book cover as your Facebook profile pic.  It’s OK to experiment with what works best for you.
  2. Find and join reader groups on Facebook.  You can’t join a group using your fan page, but you can with a personal account page 🙂
  3. Interact and comment in the group.  It isn’t that difficult, just be genuine and responsive in the group.  In no time, people will start sending you friend requests.
    • Option A: Accept the friend request and later send them an invite to your fan page
    • Option B: When you get a request, gently respond and tell them that you don’t use your main page very much, but instead do most of your posting and interacting on your fan page… and give them a link to your fan page.
  4. You can also send friend requests.  It’s ok to say “Hi, I saw your post on X topic in Y group we’re both a member of.  Let’s be friends :)” – With this method, it’s even more important to be interactive.

INTERACTING WITH OTHERS ON FACEBOOK IS KEY!  Share posts, respond to status updates, and commenting are all ways to interact that create a real connection with others.

This approach isn’t for everyone

This is a very effective way to get Facebook likes, but I recognize it’s not for everyone.  We’re not doing anything sketchy, but the real issue is privacy.  If you haven’t already, take a good look at what is being shared publically and even with your friends on Facebook.  Here is a video I made on Facebook privacy:

It’s amazing how many times you find personal email addresses, workplaces, or even location data (via foursquare) publicly available!  So just be aware, but you can find lots of real people, make a real connections, and find REAL potential readers and fans of your books.

Watch me do this

I already know I have a busy week ahead, but I know you’re likely in the same boat with writing, work, family, and other obligations.  I want to show you that you can build a pretty impressive Facebook network even with limited time and a ZERO dollar budget.  I am going to give myself 1 hour of Facebook time in the next 7 days – approx 10 minutes each day.  I’d actually like 30 minutes to an hour a day – but I know that it’s unlikely this week.

My current stats:

  • Friends: 69
  • Fan Page Likes: 35

I’ll be back here in a week and we’ll see how it went…I’ll share what went well and what didn’t 🙂



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