Why I Don’t Auto Followback and You Shouldn’t Either

Why I don’t follow back and you shouldn’t either

I follow two kinds of accounts –

  • people I want to connect with
  • people /organizations that I want to see their tweets

I review EVERY person that follows me.  I try to look to see they are real people and really interested in me.  If it looks like they are, I follow them back because I legitimately want to connect with them.  I’m primarily interested on authors, editors, agents, and other industry professionals. Yes, I’m interested on what authors have to say 🙂  I’m interested n their perspective and I legitimately want to connect with them.

The other day, a company that fixes frozen pipes in the state of Illinois followed me.   I don’t live anywhere near them. . . so what do they get out of a relationship with me?

I follow some people that don’t follow me back

There are plenty of groups that I follow that do not follow me back.  Honestly, that’s ok!

Some are funny, some are interesting, and some are industry professionals that say interesting things 🙂  If you’re interested in publishing and publishers – odds are that the big publishers won’t follow you back… at least yet!  That shouldn’t stop you from following them and seeing their tweets and posts.

The only question you should be answering

The only question you should be answering is if you are connecting with real readers.

The thing is…your job is to connect with REAL readers.  If you have 100,000 followers – it will mean nothing if they aren’t reading your tweets and they aren’t interested in reading your books.  I would rather have an account with 500 real readers that are interested in your books than 10,000 that aren’t interested!!!

Focus on finding and connecting with your real audience.  That will help you build the right kind of audience and … ultimately sell more books!

Here is how I recommend building your twitter account: How I got 2000 Twitter followers in a month.

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