Creating Facebook Covers and Other Graphics for FREE Using XHeader

I debated how to show this… There are actually two tools I use/have used to create Facebook Cover images: Xheader and Pagemodo.

Pagemodo also has a free account, but I eventually decided to show XHeader first because it is a FREE tool that you can use to make some really impressive headers for your Facebook, Website, or even make banner ads and book covers.  It’s pretty easy to use, and a good tool for when you need a quick badge or header image.  In general, I’m going to try to show the “free” method first (when there is one).

You can download a copy of XHeader here.  Note: You’ll see a lot of language like “Buy a copy” / “Free trial” / etc. but make no mistake it really is a free tool. For their $47 price, you get extra, cover headers and professionally designed images.  It’s a great deal if you find something you like, but as you see my video below, I only use the free version. I just have to click “No thanks” whenever I open the tool.

If you’re not “graphically inclined” – that’s OK! In the next post, I’ll show how to use Pagemodo to create an amazing Facebook cover image without needing any knowledge of graphic design.

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