Mike’s Guide to Formatting for CreateSpace

I realized that I didn’t have a central place for my various walkthroughs on using Createspace ūüôā¬† So here it is:

What the heck is Createspace anyway?

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers Createspace is a publishing service for physical ¬†books, CDs, and¬†DVDs – the coolest part is that it is all on demand!¬†Authors that were self-publishing¬†used to have to purchase a large quantity (often 500+) to get a physical book that they could sell to a bookstore or individual copies on their website.¬† With Createspace, an author can upload their manuscript and the books will be made on-demand!¬† Some people still like physical books instead of ebook versions – so it’s an easy way to make a physical version of your ebook.

Createspace is owned by Amazon, and after uploading your book,¬†you’re given the option of having the book made available on Amazon for no extra cost to you.¬† If you already have¬†your ebook in the Amazon store, it will even “connect” the two editions.

Price: FREE.¬† It doesn’t cost you anything extra to use Createspace and make a physical book available to readers. You still get to set the price and still make a royalty for every book you sell!¬† I do recommend buying one¬†“proof” when you’re done uploading just to make sure everything looks good, but you only pay the cost to make the book and shipping (which in total is usually less than $10). If you’d also like your physical book available in the Barnes and Noble store and Ingrams (the¬†catalog that book stores can order from), they¬†charge $25.

Sounds great!¬† So what’s the catch?

The number one complaint is…getting the formatting correct.¬† Unlike an ebook, every page must be correctly formatted. If page numbers are messed up¬† or spacing isn’t lining up correctly – they are permanent problems in print.¬† Even worse, if the margins are incorrect, you may have words that are cut off.¬† I should also note that mistakes often lead to extra pages which means the book will cost more.

To make things a little easier, I made a series of videos to walk you through the process of taking a manuscript and making a complete physical book for sale on Amazon!

They are intended to be watched in this order (especially parts 3 through 5) but feel free to skip around if you’re having trouble with a given area. I should also note that some pages are just the video while others

Part 1: CreateSpace: White or Cream Colored Pages

Part 2: Picking the Right Trim Size in CreateSpace

Part 3: Createspace: Setting Page Size and Margins

Part 4: CreateSpace: Continuous Page Breaks, Page Alignment and Centering in Word

Part 5: Createspace Headers, Footers and Page Numbers ‚Äď Oh My!

Part 6: CreateSpace: Saving as a PDF from Word

Part 7: CreateSpace File Upload, ISBNs, and the Interior Reviewer

Part 8: Working with Createspace Cover Images


Did I miss anything?  Any questions or anything else I should include?

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