Advice from Author Jess Michaels: Gratitude!

  Happy Thanksgiving!  – wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and talk a little bit about gratitude for all those people that help out authors 🙂 So here is her video:

Pleasuring The Lady by Jess Michaels

What I Learned About Publishing After Writing 50 Books in 10 Years

When Mike asked me to blog today here at Killer Book Marketing, I was in a reflective mood. You see, I’m about to reach a milestone. It’s been ten years since I was offered my first publishing contract (“Ancient Pleasures” Jess Michaels in SECRETS, Volume 11). Ten years of being a published author. That concept […]

CreateSpace: White or Cream Colored Pages

Some of you know I’ve recently been working on converting my wife’s book into the proper CreateSpace format.  I’ve been recording it along the way 🙂  and will be posting videos of the steps I take for formatting and getting the book ready! I thought we should start at the beginning 🙂 when creating a […]