WordPress for Authors

Should I Use WordPress for my Author Site?

I couldn’t really decide on a title for this post – WordPress versus WordPress.com? Getting Started with WordPress for Authors? WordPress for Author Sites Why I’m not great at making titles for videos about WordPress I like that last one 🙂  In any case, I wanted to share some basic info about using WordPress.  If […]

New Redesign is Finally Here!

It’s finally here and it still has some tweaking to do… but bear with me! I know you’ve all been waiting WAY too long for this update.  Jess had a book out last week and way too busy running contests and working on some major projects.  In any case, the site update is in full […]

Just trying something

Still working on the redesign!

I’m still working on the redesign of my website. If you’re considering an update to your website, her’s how I am going to make it a smooth transition.