Agent FAQ

Considering an Agent to help sell your book? Check out this Agent FAQ that includer all the frequently asked questions about getting an agent.

Surviving a release week!

Some of you know that this was a big week around my household: RELEASE WEEK! Yep, that’s right.  My wife had a book that came out on Tuesday.  She’s had more than 40 of these days, but we repeatedly find ourselves in the same place – checking Amazon rankings every 5 minutes… just hitting refresh […]

150 Epic Writer Resources

Want to Write Better, Faster, and More Persuasively? Here are 150 writer resources to take you to the next level.

Character Worksheet: How to Develop a Character

In today’s video, Jess Michaels answers the question, “How do you develop a character for your book? The video is located here: Jess mentions the following character sheet in the video.  Enjoy!

What Should You Look for in a Literary Agent?

So. you’ve decided to try the traditional route and were convinced by yesterday’s post that an agent would be helpful. In today’s video, I asked my wife (Jess Michaels) What to look for in an agent. Yes, we are in bathrobes in our room on the cruise ship, but it’s still good information if you’re […]