Screenshot of my newspaper

Daily Book Marketing and Publishing Industry News

Quick post today! Some of you may have noticed a new link at the top of the screen  labeled: Publishing/Book Marketing News – See the screenshot below: I made a newspaper using technology.  It essentially takes some of my regular sources and “auto-generates” a list of daily news.  I’m still tweaking it, but think […]


Guest Post: Proofreading Tips For Authors that Self Publish

Most of you know I advocate proofreading your book before it’s published.  If your book has misspellings, punctuation problems, grammatical errors, or other issues  – readers will see it as unprofessional.  I’ve stopped reading a book because it had so many problems.  It is no surprise I didn’t buy book two or three.  A good proofread could have […]

8 Ways to Increase Your Productivity as a Writer

Writing is hard. If you didn’t already know that then you probably aren’t a writer. It’s pretty fun, too, but we bounce back and forth between write and promote, there are so many things tugging at us when it comes to getting our work done. So here are some of my best tips on how […]

3 Things You Should Do if You’re a New Writer

Perhaps you just finished your first book…or perhaps you haven’t even finished the first chapter. I’ve put a bit of thought into this and believe there are three things you should do if you’re just starting out in the industry: make some writing friends (fid a local writing group), get better at writing (improve your […]

Amazon KDP Select

Is Publishing in KDP Select a Good Idea?

Wondering if KDP Select is a good idea? This article looks at the major benefits and gives recommendations for when it’s a good time to choose Amazon KDP Select

You CAN make a living self publishing.

3 Tips to Make a Living Self Publishing

You CAN make a living self publishing. Whether your goal is to supplement your income or make a living selling books, there are a few tips that will help you in the wholesale NBA jerseys long run.1. Make it professional.  Your books will sell better with professional covers, quality sales descriptions (such as your kindle), […]