Book Bundles Part 4

7 Tips to Get the Most Out of a Book Bundle

This is part 4 of a 4 part series on Book Bundles.  Part 1 includes an overview of the marketing technique of  book bundles, monetary considerations, and potential benefits.    Part 2 includes who should try a bundle and choosing a group of writers for your book bundle. Part 3 discusses the major problems and sales mechanics of a book bundle and part 4 (this […]

Agent FAQ

Considering an Agent to help sell your book? Check out this Agent FAQ that includer all the frequently asked questions about getting an agent.

Surviving a release week!

Some of you know that this was a big week around my household: RELEASE WEEK! Yep, that’s right.  My wife had a book that came out on Tuesday.  She’s had more than 40 of these days, but we repeatedly find ourselves in the same place – checking Amazon rankings every 5 minutes… just hitting refresh […]

Mike’s Guide to Formatting for CreateSpace

I realized that I didn’t have a central place for my various walkthroughs on using Createspace 🙂  So here it is: What the heck is Createspace anyway? Createspace is a publishing service for physical  books, CDs, and DVDs – the coolest part is that it is all on demand! Authors that were self-publishing used to have to purchase […]

Working with Createspace Cover Images

Everything you need to know about CreateSpace cover images and using the Cover Creator tool including calculating spine width, resolution, and PDF upload

CreateSpace File Upload, ISBNs, and the Interior Reviewer

In the previous videos, we prepped the file and saved as a PDF.  This video uses the CreateSpace site to upload the file, set up the book details, get an ISBN and use the interior reviewer. I spend a little extra time on ISBNs including some discussion of why you can’t use the Smashwords ISBN […]

CreateSpace: Saving as a PDF from Word

CreateSpace requires a PDF version of your manuscript to be added.  This video shows how to save it into a compliant PDF file from Microsoft Word. If you are looking for more videos on formatting with createspace, start with part one of this series here.