What I Wish I Knew Five Years Ago

My husband and I were on a walk a few weeks back and I was trying to ask him how the first few days of 2013 were treating him. Instead I asked him how 2007 was treating him. And then we started on a very long riff about everything we would do in 2007 based […]

My Wife’s Relay For Life Raffle

I wasn’t intending to blog about this, but after looking at her post today I decided to share it for two reasons She’s got some awesome prizes for authors (and Readers) It’s for a great cause (American Cancer Society) and it’s tax deductible. Let me be clear that the prizes for authors are VERY awesome […]

3 Things You Should Do if You’re a New Writer

Perhaps you just finished your first book…or perhaps you haven’t even finished the first chapter. I’ve put a bit of thought into this and believe there are three things you should do if you’re just starting out in the industry: make some writing friends (fid a local writing group), get better at writing (improve your […]

Lesser-Known Editing and Proofreading Marks

Ever surfed your way to www.truefunnies.ca?     Check out Eve Corbel’s comic below – I think we can agree that it would either be awesome or horrible if an editor gave these back: