Marketing Strategy for Authors

Marketing Stategy for Authors

The goal is to sell more books! This post is to give authors a few ideas on the overall strategy they should be thinking about when marketing their books.

Pleasuring The Lady by Jess Michaels

What I Learned About Publishing After Writing 50 Books in 10 Years

When Mike asked me to blog today here at Killer Book Marketing, I was in a reflective mood. You see, I’m about to reach a milestone. It’s been ten years since I was offered my first publishing contract (“Ancient Pleasures” Jess Michaels in SECRETS, Volume 11). Ten years of being a published author. That concept […]

Wesley Crusher

How Wil Wheaton Made My Wife Cry

My wife is an author. In her early teens, she had a huge crush on Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: TNG. This post is about how Wil Wheaton made my wife cry.

There are lots of people trying to rip off authors. Don't let it happen to you!

Dear Authors: PLEASE don’t get ripped off!!!!!

Republished with permission from Jess Michaels: So most of you probably don’t know this, but from 1999-2010ish I ran a website for authors called The Passionate Pen. The site contained articles for writers, links to agents and publishers and a lot of other info for authors looking to publish romance (mostly) fiction. When I got […]

Amazon KDP Select

Is Publishing in KDP Select a Good Idea?

Wondering if KDP Select is a good idea? This article looks at the major benefits and gives recommendations for when it’s a good time to choose Amazon KDP Select

How to Track Your Author Reputation Online

There is an easy way see what is being said about your book online.  I’m going to show you a tool that EVERY author should be using to find all blog posts, book reviews, discussion threads, and other content related to their pen name and book online: Google Alerts. Here is the YouTube video I […]

8 Cheap or Free Ways to Promote Your Book

Can you believe it’s possible that writing the book would be the easy part???? I’m sorry to say that it’s true.  Unless you’re really lucky and your publishing house is getting you booked on Oprah…the harder part of your job as an author is to promote your book (and ultimately your brand) and make some […]