There are lots of people trying to rip off authors. Don't let it happen to you!

Dear Authors: PLEASE don’t get ripped off!!!!!

Republished with permission from Jess Michaels: So most of you probably don’t know this, but from 1999-2010ish I ran a website for authors called The Passionate Pen. The site contained articles for writers, links to agents and publishers and a lot of other info for authors looking to publish romance (mostly) fiction. When I got […]

Screenshot of my newspaper

Daily Book Marketing and Publishing Industry News

Quick post today! Some of you may have noticed a new link at the top of the screen  labeled: Publishing/Book Marketing News – See the screenshot below: I made a newspaper using technology.  It essentially takes some of my regular sources and “auto-generates” a list of daily news.  I’m still tweaking it, but think […]

A tool to make it easier to follow and unfollow potential readers

The TweetAdder 4 Update

The Internet changes fast, and so must our marketing techniques. The TweetAdder 4 update is annoying, but it is still a good tool.


Guest Post: Proofreading Tips For Authors that Self Publish

Most of you know I advocate proofreading your book before it’s published.  If your book has misspellings, punctuation problems, grammatical errors, or other issues  – readers will see it as unprofessional.  I’ve stopped reading a book because it had so many problems.  It is no surprise I didn’t buy book two or three.  A good proofread could have […]