CreateSpace: Saving as a PDF from Word

CreateSpace requires a PDF version of your manuscript to be added.  This video shows how to save it into a compliant PDF file from Microsoft Word. If you are looking for more videos on formatting with createspace, start with part one of this series here.  

Createspace: Setting Page Size and Margins

So, you’ve picked a trim size and cream white/pages (If you haven’t, start with this post about trim size and this post on cream/white pages) – now we’re getting to formatting! For some, this can feel like a “pull your hair out” situation.  It’s really not that bad, we’re going to start slow and go […]

CreateSpace: White or Cream Colored Pages

Some of you know I’ve recently been working on converting my wife’s book into the proper CreateSpace format.  I’ve been recording it along the way 🙂  and will be posting videos of the steps I take for formatting and getting the book ready! I thought we should start at the beginning 🙂 when creating a […]

Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life!

Disclaimer: This is not a post about Marketing 🙂 My lovely wife drinking something green/blue. This is a post about my wife.  We’ve were high school sweethearts and today is her birthday. Even after 20 years – I can’t even put into words all the adjectives that describe her 🙂  Let me try a few though! […]

Google Plus Wanted Poster

Building your Google+ Circles

Ready to really start start connecting with potential readers in Google+? This post describes using Google+ Circles to build your author platform