Surviving a release week!

Some of you know that this was a big week around my household: RELEASE WEEK! Yep, that’s right.  My wife had a book that came out on Tuesday.  She’s had more than 40 of these days, but we repeatedly find ourselves in the same place – checking Amazon rankings every 5 minutes… just hitting refresh […]

Mike’s Guide to Formatting for CreateSpace

I realized that I didn’t have a central place for my various walkthroughs on using Createspace 🙂  So here it is: What the heck is Createspace anyway? Createspace is a publishing service for physical  books, CDs, and DVDs – the coolest part is that it is all on demand! Authors that were self-publishing used to have to purchase […]

Easy tips for your author website

Tips to Improve your Author Website and Book Page

Have an author website or blog and looking for some easy ways to connect with the readers? In this video, I answer the question from an author (Part 2 of 2): “I paid a service for 10000 visits to my website, but didn’t sell a single book.  What am I doing wrong on my site?  […]

Is buying traffic a good idea?

Author Website: Does Buying Traffic Work?

I recieved the following question from an author: “I paid a service for 10000 visits to my website, but didn’t sell a single book. What am I doing wrong on my site? How can I get more people to buy my book?” This is a big question 🙂 So I’m splitting it into two parts. […]

YouTube Updates and Congrats to the Contest Winner!

For the past couple months, I’ve used YouTube in the most simplistic sense.  I’ve just been posting videos and referencing/embedding them on my site. Yes, I’ve been violating the a major rule of social networking!   I’ve been using a platform and building a list of followers (700+ in the last month) and have not fully filled out […]