How to Track Your Author Reputation Online

There is an easy way see what is being said about your book online.  I’m going to show you a tool that EVERY author should be using to find all blog posts, book reviews, discussion threads, and other content related to their pen name and book online: Google Alerts. Here is the YouTube video I […]

8 Cheap or Free Ways to Promote Your Book

Can you believe it’s possible that writing the book would be the easy part???? I’m sorry to say that it’s true.  Unless you’re really lucky and your publishing house is getting you booked on Oprah…the harder part of your job as an author is to promote your book (and ultimately your brand) and make some […]

Lesser-Known Editing and Proofreading Marks

Ever surfed your way to     Check out Eve Corbel’s comic below – I think we can agree that it would either be awesome or horrible if an editor gave these back:

5 Golden Rules for Choosing a Tradional Publisher

5 Golden Rules for Choosing a Tradional Publisher So…you’re pursuing a tradional publisher. Here are the 5 rules every writer should follow when choosing a publisher: 1. You should never pay the publisher.  Let 3 me repeat: YOU SHOULD NEVER PAY THE PUBLISHER! They pay you!  If they ask for money for cover art or […]

You CAN make a living self publishing.

3 Tips to Make a Living Self Publishing

You CAN make a living self publishing. Whether your goal is to supplement your income or make a living selling books, there are a few tips that will help you in the wholesale NBA jerseys long run.1. Make it professional.  Your books will sell better with professional covers, quality sales descriptions (such as your kindle), […]