8 Reasons Authors Should Syndicate Blog Posts

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Let’s face it.  You write awesome articles – but there are not nearly enough people finding your site, seeing what you’re all about, and ultimately buying your book.

Want more people to see your site?  It’s easy.  Syndicate.  Starting with one of your most awesome blog posts, submit it around to a few places because the benefits are SWEET!

1. Free Advertising – that’s right. Others circulate your article and give you FREE advertising of your content!  Let’s gear this example to an author I know, you have a zombie book that’s been published.  You write an killer post about the 7 Reasons Why Life Will Be Better Under Our Zombie Overloads.

If you syndicate this article, it’s only a matter of time before dozens of sites start posting it.  Since the links remain in tact, this will directly equal free traffic.

2. Viral Marketing – Still don’t like the term, but bloggers  make videos, post to facebook, and send tweets.  I often tweet/facebook posts I find interesting and useful…as most people do!

Your article becomes viral AND that directly makes people find your site and buy your book!

3. Access to the Unreachable – Some people don’t read blogs.  Some don’t use twitter.  I know people that only do email and Facebook.  The trick is that you want your content to find its way in front of everyone.   As it goes to other blogs and out into the world, it can get in front of potential readers in your market – readers that haven’t seen your book or know who you are!

4. Free Blog Traffic.  No matter who you are, you always want more blog traffic.  It’s true that you can pay for advertisements, but you want to be making more money than you’re spending! Syndication helps you get free traffic to your site.

5. The Time Saver! Writing articles and creating content takes a lot of your time.  I’ve spent four or five hours on a single post and if you do some serious research on top of that, it can be a week or two!  If you have 10 blogs ask you for a post on your topic, you can write 10 different posts or you can syndicate one!  Which is the best use of your time? The answer is to write it a single article and reap the benefits of many!

6. Continual traffic for YEARS.  As you release content in the wild, you get to reap the benefits of residual traffic.  How many times have you gone to a blog and looked at 3 or 4 different posts?  Everyone does this and some portion will be traffic that leads back to your site years after you’ve created it.

7. SEO – Google changes the way they do rankings constantly, but it’s clear that writing good articles and having multiple blogs, sites, and other content sources point back to your site.  Want to rank high in the search engines?  Syndication is a great shortcut.

8. Unleash the Marketing Beast of Others! At the end of the day, it’s about your book sales.  Other sites have readerships built up, use marketing techniques, and social media.  Getting content into their marketing machine fulfills your ultimate goal: getting you name, site, and book information out there AND selling more books!!!



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