5 Golden Rules for Choosing a Tradional Publisher

5 Golden Rules for Choosing a Tradional Publisher

openbookSo…you’re pursuing a tradional publisher. Here are the 5 rules every writer should follow when choosing a publisher:

1. You should never pay the publisher.  Let 3 me repeat: YOU SHOULD NEVER PAY THE PUBLISHER! They pay you!  If they ask for money for cover art or editing, you should Glowbot steer clear!

2. You should get an advance.  Of course you want money! You know that you’ll make it Experience back in royalties, but the advance does something else: it makes the publisher care about the success of the book.  wholesale mlb jerseys They want to make their money back.  If you get a $2,000, $10,000, or $100,000 – they will put their marketing machine Body’s behind your book and try to at least get that much back (and hopefully much more).

3. Choose a publisher with similar books.  If you have an awesome gritty, vampire horror cheap jerseys novel, submitting it to a non-fiction house won’t do much.  Even if they buy your book, they likely are not plugged Making into the right kind of marketing to sell the most copies.  Pick a publisher that has similar books and you will tap into wholesale nfl jerseys their existing fan base and marketing machine.

4.Pick the publisher that’s going to help you the most.  Just because  it’s the biggest house on the block doesn’t mean it’s the best place for you.  A small fish in a big pond?  The big pond has some advantages, but being a bigger fish in a medium pond will get you more attention and hopefully more mileage for that career.  cheap mlb jerseys On the flip side, there are publishers w

5. Do your research. Once you have idnntified some publishers Morals: to pursue, research them.  What do cheap jerseys free shipping other authors say about them?  How many books do they release  a month? How often they pay?  How many authors do they have? (hint: if it’s one, it’s probably the person running the publisher).  Feel free to ask some of their current/past authors…they probably won’t give you all the details, Tile but you can often find out how they deal with edits, promotion, and the process.



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