4 Tools to Help Promote Your Book with a Giveaway Contest

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It’s no secret.  I love giveaway contests – even though I never win…Okay, to be fair, I did win a year’s worth of free orange juice while I was a poor college kid in 1997.  But, I digress.  I have’t won any raffles, giveaways, or contests since then… So why do I love giveaway contests so much? Simple:

I love contests because they can get people talking about you book, get more followers, and sell books!

Giveaways can be marketing gold!  I suggest doing a giveaway contest two weeks leading up to your book release.  These contests create excitement and will help you sell more books!

It used to be difficult tracking actions (like tweets or facebook posts) to use as entries.  However…NOW there are several awesome applications to help you run a great giveaway.  They track contest “entries” by having blog/FaceBook visitors do tasks such as send tweets, pin on Pinterest, refer friends, or even sign up for your newsletter.  Here are 4 of my favorite tools to help you run a killer giveaway:

1. Giveaway Tools – they are still in beta, but have some great features and promise to remain FREE!  The “premium” service helps with promotion and lets you custom brand the interface…not bad for $9 a month! This is my current choice due to it having the most features and a “create your own” option (like preorder my book for 5 entries!).

2. Punchtab – great stuff in their free account, but the price jump to $99 a month has me saying “ouch!” I like the punchtab interface best of all, but I feel like the free account is a bit limiting…and it’s a big jump for me to pay $99 a month for options that are free with other services.

3. Rafflecopter – Currently the most popular service and has a great interface.  You ave to pay if you want to use Pinterest…and even more if you want to collect emails for your newsletter.

4. PromoSimple – You want FREE and simple. You’ve got it!  It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but is a great choice if you want something quick and easy.

Have a book contest?  Feel free to share it with me and I’ll be happy to help promote it!



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